A fully integrated, flexible reservoir management and production optimization software solution that offers unsurpassed innovation, functionality and easy-to-use utilities for the management of oil and gas fields.

PEOffice® is a software platform for integrated oil & gas exploitation and production analysis and optimum design. Its data-based application enables users to directly access any databases, which best utilize the clients’ production and reservoir data.

PEOffice® covers all the major components of petroleum engineering, it can easily visualize, characterize, analyze, diagnose and design and ultimately optimize reservoirs, wellbores and surface pipe networks. PEOffice® allows engineers, geologists, managers, superintendents and executives to collaborate standardize and improve the management and analysis of reservoir and production data for oil & gas development.

Built with over 20 modules with different functionalities, customers can pick and choose the modules that they need to customize the PEOffice® solution to meet specific needs and budget. PEOffice® offers the industry's most innovative solutions for:

  • Wellbore and Reservoir Visualization
  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Reservoir Engineering Analysis
  • Production Engineering Analysis
  • Water Injection Analysis
  • Surface Flow Assurance
  • Unconventional Analysis
  • Production Simulation
  • Data Management

Rich Functions

Better understand current asset status and production trends through accurate visualization. PEOffice allows team synergy and improved management by supporting easy results; recommendations, previous action plan storage and sharing, as well as, report generation to improve operations efficiency.

  • Fast, flexible and convenient visualization with rich figuration classes of 2D and 3D reservoirs and wellbore graphics with the ability to read different types of geological model files
  • Calculation and analysis for fluid physical properties of black oil and compositional model which can be used to process and analyze the relative permeability curve, capillary force curve and rock compressibility.
  • Function-rich DM and practical reservoir engineering, numerical simulation calculation and analysis methods to realize precise, systematic and scientific settlement to different reservoir engineering problems
  • Discover problems and potential problems of gas and oil wells and provide a corresponding production optimization design plan to ensure high-efficiency and increase of production.
  • Simulation calculation analysis of water injection pipeline networks, water injection wells, stratum and stress analysis of water injection string, including its effect on adjacent oil well exercised from water injection well.
  • Provides a strong calculation and analysis function of surface gathering pipeline network for mining research and analytical application of oil and gas

Integrated Platform, Workflow and Data Model

PEOffice evaluates oil and gas reservoirs and production by integrating different engineering processes into a single workflow interface based on the project focus by the user. PEOffice categorizes data as Static Data for Reservoir, Wellbore or Surface Piping network data, Dynamic Data for Production Performance or fluid flow related data. This allows geologists, reservoir engineers and production engineers to analyze subsurface models, fluid flow behavior from the reservoir thru the surface pipeline network, simultaneously and on real time.

  • Improve work efficiency by selecting specific functions from the different modules to produce a personalized experience for your specific tasks and needs
  • Transmission of data and achievements is based on drive and call in order to enhance the definition of workflows
  • Data flow within the software platform allows for model and achievement management with the ability to browse the whole platform at one time

Easy Data Preparation and Strong Data Management

PEOffice supports all types of data repositories in any format (Oracle, SQL, Access, and Excel) without having to modify it or adapt it, as well as enabling the connection to multiple data sources simultaneously.

  • Directly and rapidly obtain data from different data sources, including different types of databases (SQLServer, Oracle, Access, Sybase, etc,..,as well as, different data files formats (Excel, TXT) without making changes to the source
  • Ability to Input data from its source manually or automatically
  • Conveniently scan, verify, modify or add data imported from your data source

User Experience

Enjoy the most advanced interface design, excellent graphical visualization capabilities and the industry’s most advanced easy-to-use application.

  • Interface and operation mode is similar to MS Office 2013 with a clear content and easy operation
  • Customization and normative default template ensures your personalized needs and the effect of forming an image by one click
  • Operations based on the well location map can greatly simplify the operation process
  • Multi-language versions (such as English, Chinese and Russian) available; one key switch is what it takes for a cross-language joint application