PEOffice® Bundles

Wellbore and Reservoir Visualization

PEOffice provides functionalities that includes flexible and easy to use 3D&2D reservoir and wellbore graphical visualization, as well as, an easy interface to connect with different geological model files

Modules Included:

ReModel WellMap WellInfo WellString

Reservoir Characterization

Fluid & Rock property calculation and analysis functionality for black oil and compositional models, which includes relative permeability , capillary pressure, rock compressibility, phase diagrams etc. that provides good foundation for reservoir and production engineering analysis e.g. AL designs, simulations etc.

Modules Included:

RockProperty FluidCal

Reservoir Engineering Analysis

Provides flexible data mining and numerous reservoir engineering forecasting methods and simulation capability, with the ability to use single or several module combined together to meet different Oil and gas Field needs.

Modules Included:

ProdAna ProdForecast SimON

Production Engineering Analysis

A combination of macroscopic performance status evaluation, production problem diagnosis, production model simulation and optimization capabilities within PEOffice; allow users to identify, diagnose and design appropriate actions to ensure production optimization and enhance an efficient production management.

Modules Included:

ProdDesign ProdDiag FieldAssist

Field Production Optimization

Aimed at enhancing productivity and reducing cost, a new multi-objective non-linear programming model and solution method is applied. In the application, production rate allocation to wells of an oil and gas field is optimized. It can be used for time point, time period or the whole life cycle of an oil and gas field. In the model, the coordination of reservoir, wellbore, surface system and all production constraints have been taken into account.

Modules Included:

SimON ProdDesign ProdAna PipeNet

Water Injection Analysis

PEOffice allows the engineers to manage their secondary recovery through simulation of water injection pipeline network, injection well design, as well as, injectivity analysis for both offset wells and target layers; it can also be used for force and deformation analysis of tubing, as well as, analysis of water injectors for oil producers.

Modules Included:


Production Facilities Analysis

Utilizing black oil and compositional modules and based on multiphase flow simulation (static) PEOffice PipeNet provides the engineers with the capability to simulate pipeline surface conditions and manage gathering stations, compressors, separators, heat exchangers, valve, chokes etc. to calculate temperature and pressure differential.

Modules Included:


Unconventional Analysis

Unconventional Gas Reservoir Performance Analysis Solution ProdForecast for UCG is an important tool to perform unconventional gas reservoir engineering analysis. It can be used for reservoir engineering analysis of shale and tight gas reservoir.

Modules Included:

ProdForcast For UCG

Production Simulation

Build an integrated fluid flow model from reservoir, producer, and injector to surface pipeline network. This will keep the flow simulation consistent through data communication between all the different modules.

Modules Included:

SimON ProdDesign WIDesign PipeNet

Data Management

Flexible data connection, allows users to connect multiple data sources from different data base such as Oracle, SQL, and data files such as Access, Excel etc. Easy data mapping enables users to connect source data without modifying data source format.

Modules Included:

DataManager DataEngine PEManager