Consulting Services

OPT meets customers’ demand for strategic consulting solutions; enabling customers achieve their production objectives by providing corresponding technological services. OPT develops information system and application software of interest relying on our technological advantages of petroleum engineering and IT.

Specialized Engineering Consulting Service.

With our high-quality technical team and years of professional research experiences, OPT can do special technology research in reservoir geology and engineering, and production technology to help clients to overcome the challenges encountered during oil and gas field development. OPT can provide clients highly specialized technical research services in the following areas:

  • Potential Evaluation on oil and gas field development.
  • Reservoir characterization.
  • Reserves evaluation and estimation.
  • Calculation on the production capacity of oil and gas well in complex reservoir.
  • Reservoir simulation.
  • Artificial lift technology and optimization design on oil and gas well.

Customized Fit for Purpose Solutions.

OPT’s software customization services meet the clients’ differential software demands for satisfactory oil and gas field development.

  • A high level comprehensive R&D team composed by more than 60 petroleum engineering experts.
  • IT professionals specialize in software architecture, 2D/3D graphic design, database development and GUI development.
  • Petroleum experts that are experienced in Petroleum Geology, Reservoir Engineering, Production Engineering and Surface Transportation.
  • Background in Mathematics, Fluid Mechanics and other basic development qualifications.
  • A well-trained test team.
  • Established software development workflow management system.

OPT has more than 15 years of experience of large-scale comprehensive oil and gas field production software systems and specific software development with a diverse range of expertise and software experience from the development of PEOffice and other products.

Flexible expansion and updating software architecture, rich 2D/3D graphic application, convenient GUI application, powerful data processing applications, excellent petroleum engineering algorithm database and workflow solutions.

Database Creation/Development.

OPT develops comprehensive and specific oil and gas field databases for our clients’ digital oilfield construction.

  • An excellent and professional database development team to meet complex database structure and functional demands from clients.
  • A solid foundation of oil and gas database.

Through PEOffice development, OPT built an advanced database structure & data field database; these structured databases can be well adapted to various data management demands of oil and gas field development. Standards such as POSC,PPDM,PCDM, EPDM, ProdML, WITSML, RESQML are considered in the development of the database to ensure the flexibility of the database.

Through PEOffice DataEngine, easy, seamless access to the client database and data file resolution, data calculation, verification and unit conversion can be realized. DataEngine can also assist to realize seamless database connection to the customized databases of clients.

Apart from database development of OPT’s own products, OPT also develops reservoir geology, reservoir engineering and production engineering oil and gas field databases.

Integrated Field Studies.

OPT provides its clients with an integrated field study on developed oil and gas field and ODP (Overall Development Plan) design on a new oil and gas field.

  • Reservoir Characterization – Based on the seismic, log, rock and fluid analysis data, we perform detailed research on the reservoir structure, reservoir physical properties and fluid distribution in reservoir, to establish accurate geological model, geological reserves accounting and estimation.
  • Reservoir engineering design.

    For developed fields: an in depth research into present and historical oil and gas field development situation is performed. Based on this, it is performed to adjust the combination of production layers, improve the designed driving parameters, adjust well pattern and production rate, etc. Also the development index prediction and economic evaluation is done.

    For new fields: aimed at improving oil and gas field development investment returns and the oil recovery of reservoir, the OPT technical team helps the client to design field development schemes. In the scheme, the client can get the study results on combination of layers, driving type selection, well pattern optimization design, optimization design of production rate, etc., and the corresponding development index prediction and economic evaluation.

  • Production system design.

    Production system design is based on the reservoir engineering design. In production system design, it is performed to select artificial lift method, optimize the design of tubing string and production parameters, and also optimize the design of surface gathering system.

  • Water injection system design.

    Based on the reservoir engineering design, the research puts forward a water flooding plan along with quality control design of injected water, the downhole string design of water injection wells, and the ground water injection system design.

Production System Optimization Design.

OPT provides customers with leading services for oil and gas wells and production system analysis and optimization design to ensure the client’s production from its oil and gas wells and the entire production system is effectively optimized.

Analysis on production change of well.

Using the innovative method and state of art software of OPT, the reasons of production change of different types of oil and gas well can be gotten accurately. The change may be due to one of the following reasons or the combination of some of them, pump leakages, formation damage, reservoir pressure change, etc.

Well production potential analysis and prediction.

Based on the reservoir geology, combined with the features of oil and gas well production, the production potential of oil and gas well, is accurately analyzed and the production rate of oil and gas wells at different time can be accurately predicted under different production conditions.

Oil and gas well production optimization design.

Based on oil and gas well production potential and prediction, Using nodal analysis and nonlinear programming, the production parameters of oil and gas wells can be optimized. The optimization can be performed at a time point or over a period of time. The optimization can be performed for optimizing production parameters at designed production rate of oil and gas well, or maximizing the production rate of oil and gas well and optimizing the relevant parameters at the given production conditions.

Oil and gas production system optimization design.

On the basis of the production prediction of oil and gas well, the production rate of each well can be optimized to get the maximum total productivity of the field or the production system under the production constraints. Or the production conditions setting of the field or the production system is optimized by contrasting the optimized productivity results at different production conditions of the field or the production system. The optimization can be performed for a time point or a period.

Oil and Gas Field Technology Research.

For the clients who lack strong technical manpower, OPT can provide the clients with outsourcing services of oil and gas field management in technology. The services would be done by OPT’s strong technical team including geologists, reservoir and production engineers, who are with rich experiences of different types of oil and gas field management and technical study. During the services, PEOffice will be used free by the clients and OPT team. Because of the use of PEOffice, the clients can check the real-time process and any results of the services at any time in client’s office. Based on the OPT’s services, the clients can obtain high asset development benefit with low cost and zero risk.

Build digital and modeled oil and gas field system.

For an oil and gas field to be serviced, a digital and modeled oil and gas field system, which is described in the above service, needs to be built to ensure the various analyses and design can be executed precisely and on time.

Daily production analysis of oil and gas field.

Production analysis in real time (if there is real time data), daily, weekly and monthly would be performed, including production surveillance, problem diagnosis, production potential analysis, production optimization design analysis, etc. The relevant reports are saved into the results system and submitted to clients.

Periodic comprehensive analysis and design on oil and gas field development and production.

Based on the features of oil and gas field exploitation and the requirements of the clients, periodic (monthly, quarterly, half year and yearly) comprehensive performance analysis and adjustment design on oil and gas field exploitation would be performed, including production status analysis, regular pattern research of exploitation, recoverable reserves evaluation, production potential analysis and index prediction, and integrated optimum exploitation adjustment design, etc.

Smart Field Intelligent Management Solutions.

By leveraging PEOffice® foundation, we are the go-to player in the smart oil & gas field. Working with our customers and partners, we bring together an integral smart field solution.

Our smart field solutions consist of 4 layers:

  • Data Collection – Real-time key data point (pressure, flow rate, temperature, video, and etc.). Collection from wellhead, gathering station and other locations of the field.
  • Data Transmission — Live stream of data (video from sensors and meters) to server.
  • Data Storage — Enterprise grid computing with separate physical storage of all data and calculation models (real-time database, video database, structured and unstructured database).
  • Data Application — Top notch smart field solution. Data is displayed and analyzed for oil field management and technical study compromising multiple intelligent methods.

OPT’s intelligence analysis and optimal decision software system is at the core of data application. At the present, it includes:

  • Video Monitoring System – All gathered video can be centralized or distributed displayed. By intelligence analysis of video, abnormal information can be captured, classified and reported to workflow
  • Real-Time Data Monitoring System – Real-time monitoring & surveillance of key operational data (including un-measured data like bottom hole flowing pressure) is used to compare and analyze to make informed decision with ability to rapid troubleshoot challenges.
  • Production Analysis System – Automated system for analysis of multiple data sources flow into one central repository for continuous analysis, interpretation, and trend projection. The system is also vendor neutral.
  • Optimization Design System – Optimal production design of well and field.
  • Operation Management System – Robust field management standard tailored to clients’ specific needs. Customers can self-define management workflow and standard with ability to collect & display data automatically in various forms.
  • Models Updating System – Providing continuous matching between production and newly collected data to ensure optimal calculation and analysis during oil field development.
  • Workflow System – Flexible solutions for customers to self-define multiple workflows with automatic execution. Compare to the OA system, workflow transfer data from one node to a calculation function of another node directly and the function runs automatically. Results from different analysis system can be sent to a defined workflow.