Founded in 1998, Optimization Petroleum Technologies, Inc. (OPT), is the world’s leading supplier of oil & gas exploitation technical solutions including software and consulting services.

Our flagship product PEOffice® is an integrated reservoir management and production optimization design software system. It provides customers with cutting edge technologies, powerful functionalities and utilities. With over 50% of market share in China, PEOffice® is the primary software system used by CNPC, Sinopec and CNOOC in their oil & gas field management operations and integrated field studies.

PEOffice® implementations are supported with end-to-end project management services, including technical support on building and modeling oil & gas fields, integrated field studies, and special reservoirs and production engineering studies.

By leveraging our PEOffice® foundation, we are a dominant player in the smart oil & gas field technologies by refining intelligence analysis and optimal decision software systems.

With over 130 professionals in the industry, offices in Beijing, Houston and local agents around the world, we are positioned to bring our top software solutions and consulting services to all oil & gas companies around the world.

OPT is dedicated to providing creative and first-class software and solutions. Our integrated software system PEOffice covers the entire oil field life cycle from exploration and exploitation to abandonment, involving various discipline areas, including geology, surface transporting, reservoir performance, production, economical evaluation and management.

OPT Culture

OPT is a responsible enterprise with the goal of providing integrity of service to its customers. The company is committed to continuously upgrading the software technology and tapping production potential to meet the growing demands of the customers. OPT provides exceptional service and expertise to ensure its client's business is well positioned in the rapidly changing market.

OPT Goals

  • STRATEGY: Keep focus on an integrated network of software upgrades, sales, consulting services, and user support. We have an ongoing commitment to development and learning.
  • VISION To be a leading software solution and service provider to the global oil & gas production industry.


  • 1998

    OPT Launched its petroleum consulting business.
  • 1999

    OPT began development of its own software system PEOffice
  • 2001

    PEOffice V1.0 Released: Contained 4 modules in Chinese language for dynamic reservoir and production engineering analysis.
  • 2003

    PEOffice V3.0 Released: Added 4 modules, providing data sharing among different modules on a common database.
  • 2005

    PEOffice V4.0 Released: Introduced 2 new modules, ReModel which provides the 3D visualization of reservoir, and SimON which added black-oil, finite difference reservoir simulations.
  • 2007

    PEOffice V5.0 Released: Introduced a brand new software structure as well as English language version; integrated resources of each module and unified the interface, graphics, data and units of measure across the system; these significant changes enabled standardization and scalability of data across all PEOffice modules and became even easier-to-use.
  • 2008

    PEOffice V5.4 Released: two additional modules were added enabling water injection design and oil and gas gathering pipeline design and optimization.
  • 2011

    PEOffice V5.6 Released: introduced broad functionality for U.S. requirements and for unconventional gas production.
  • 2013

    PEOffice V6.0 Released: V6.0 is web-server based and enables users to better personalize and customize workflows by combining functions from different modules.
  • 2016

    PEOffice 6.2 will be released, the first well production analysis and prediction software WellWizard, and field production optimization software will be release.